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Congratulations Smith Science Olympiad Team

Over 1000 high school and middle school students from all over  Michigan state competed for a representing the state at national tournament.

Smith MS  team came in overall 3rd position. In this process we beat all regional schools in Metro Detroit once again including  nationally ranked school Meads Mill MS  from Northville.

This was first time Smith ever beat Meads Mill in any State championship ever, no other Troy Middle school has managed this feat ever in last 5 years.


      While team narrowly missed chance to advance to nationals ( Only top 2  teams go )  - we did score best ever performance - including  medal positions in 16 out of 24 events more than double of what we usually get at state level tournaments. By all standards this was Smith's  best performance ever in Science Olympiad tournament.

Here are the team members who scored medals in events they represented  :


State Competition  Gold Medal winners

     Experimental Design    Ashna Atukuri, Deepti Agarwal, Parnika Ramini

     Fossils                          Nushaba Hossain, Steven Li

     Meteorology                 Jessica Mathew,  Achyudt Venkat


Silver Medal winners

     Anatomy                      Deepti Agarwal, Riya Dutta

     Circuit Lab                   Anagha Nair, Pranav Rama


Bronze Medal Winners

     Potions and Poisons    Jessica Mathew, Fiona Samson

     Road Scholar                Achyudt Venkat, Ashna Atukuri

     Solar System                 Achyudt Venkat, Anish Malpeddi

     Water Quality               Riya Dutta, Parnika Ramini


4th position

     Disease Detectives     Steven Li, Jessica Mathew

     Dynamic Planet           Parnika Ramini, Steven Li


5th position

   Aerial Scramble           Chirag Bhat, Rushir Teli

   Heredity                      Anagha Nair, Ashna Atukuri


6th position

   Crime Busters              Riya Dutta, Jessica Mathew


7th position

   Boomiliver              Dervin Tian, Eredge Najam

   Herpetology             Dervin Tian, Anagha Nair


Students and their parents ( coaches ) worked tirelessly for last 6 months on their dream to  make Smith team successful.

It is time to wrap up this wonderful effort with an applause and  a big thank you to everyone who chipped in.


We  wanted to  thank you and school staff - especially Mrs Vente for all the help through out the year.