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Congratulations to the Smith Science Olympiad Team

The Smith Science Olympiad Team will be going to State SO for the next level of competition. The primary team placed 5th overall while the alternate team placed 2nd. This was truly a team effort with all the kids and parent coaches contributing through their hard work over several months. We are again happy to see that every one of our 30 kids placed (top 8 in the primary competition and top 6 in the alternate) in at least one event.

Primary Team:

Deepti Aggarwal- Anatomy (5th), Disease detectives (5th), Experimental design (7th)

Riya dutta-Aantomy (5th), Ecology (6th), Optics (1st)

Ravij Mishra-Battery buggy (8th)

Vishal Damodaran-  Battery buggy (8th), optics (1st), Solar system (3rd)

Meera Manek-Dynamic planet (3rd), Crime busters(4th), mystery architecture (3rd)

Megha Chaudhari-crime (4th), Wright stuff (3rd), Towers (3rd)

Jessica Mathew-Disease detectives (5th), solar system (3rd)

Shashank -Ecology (6th), herpetology (2nd), hovercraft (6th)

Vienna Thieu-Exp design (7th), dynamic planet (3rd)

Tahaa-Hovercraft (6th), wright stuff (3rd), thermodynamics (4th)

Helinna-Towers (3rd)

Aashi sharma-Microbe mission (1st), poisons (7th)

Anagha-Herpetology (2nd)

ashna Atukuri-Exp design (7th), Mystery (3rd)

Maanyav-Microbe (1st), thermodynamics(4th), poisons (7th)


Alternate Team:

Dervin Tian-Anatomy (3rd), Crime (2nd), fast facts (4th), Towers (1st)

Fiona Samson-anatomy (3rd), Exp design (2nd), Poisons (5th), WIDI (3rd)

Pranav-Battery (6th), Microbes (1st), poisons (5th)

Neel-Battery (6th), Towers (1st), hovercraft (3rd) 

Rebecca-Crime (2nd), Disease (2nd), Fast facts (4th)

Prisha-Disease (2nd), hovercraft (3rd)

Parnika-Herpetology (1st), dynamic planet (3rd), Mystery (1st)

Achyudt-dynamic planet (3rd), meteorology (1st), road scholar (1st), solar system (1st)

Ashmit-Optics (3rd), mystery (1st), ecology (5th)

Hiranmayee-ecology (5th), rocks (2nd), meteorology(1st)

Mia-herpetology (1st), Road scholar (1st), exp design (2nd)

Sam-Exp design (2nd), thermodynamics (1st)

Matthew-wright (5th), WIDI (3rd)

Nushaba-rocks  (2nd), thermodynamics (1st), microbes (1st)

Anish-optics (3rd), wright (5th), solar system (1st)