Smith Middle School

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Mission, Vision & Goals


The purpose of Smith Middle School is to ensure learning for all members of our school community.

Smith will be a safe environment where diversity is embraced, and the needs of the whole child are met through innovation and collaboration. With the resources available, the Smith community will strive to provide an engaging, challenging academic experience, while promoting a balance between emotional, academic, and social needs, contributing
to the success of all students.
SMS Goals

Smith measures: 

  • Technology (formative assessments): Based on staff responses students will show a proficiency on formative assessments throughout the year, which will guide instruction.
  • Technology (digital literacy): Students will increase 10% or more on a reading comprehension pre/ post-test after digital literacy strategies are taught.
  • CoT: Students and staff will report an increase in knowledge and deeper learning with Visible Thinking Routines based on survey results.
  • RtI: Students in support classes will demonstrate an improvement in grades in core content classes from 2018 to 2019.