Smith Middle School

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6th/7th Grade Football

**Note: for the 2017 season a change was made from light weight and heavy weight teams to a 6th/7th and 8th grade team.
12-6 Win over R.West, 22-14 Win over R. VanHoosen, 18-0 Win over Baker, 20-0 Win over Larson, 26-6 Win over Boulan!
What a rewarding season! Not because of the W's and bringing the championship back to Smith but for the improvement by all the boys through hard work, effort and commitment.
** Take a look at some pictures taken at practices and games by Mr. Babbi. Click on the yellow link below....We are now over 1,000 pictures!
**Here is link to Troy School District Video Tape of our Championship Game!
**Here is link to Mr. Taylor's film from our Boulan game...   Larson game  Baker game... ....VanHoosen game...
** Note: the district moved to 6th/7th grade and 8th grade football teams for the 2017 season. Prior to the 2017 season it was lt. weight and hvy. weight teams.