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Ms. McCormick lives in Troy but grew up in St. Clair Shores. Her children, both
graduates of Athens High School, have made the entire family University of Michigan alumni. Ms. McCormick is certified in science and math by Oakland University and has been teaching 7th grade science at Smith since 2002.

Ms. McCormick loves to travel. She and her husband have driven across the country
many times, lived in New Orleans and in San Diego, and also spent six months backpacking through Europe. She lived in New Zealand for two months while teaching fourth grade, and her two daughters accompanied her and attended school while there. They loved living in an apartment across from the beach, with a view of a volcano. They were excited that they got to travel to some of the movie locations in the islands from the Lord of the Rings movies, a family favorite.

Recent trips include kayaking in Utah, paragliding in the Alps, watching the launch of
the STS-118 space shuttle in person, being in Spain for the 2010 world cup, and visiting the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Besides traveling, she enjoys yoga, biking, gardening, hanging out with friends, and checking out the latest NASA news. Her favorite quote is β€œThe journey is the reward.”