Welcome to 7th/8th Grade Track!
Smith Middle School track is a great way to get involved in our school community outside of the classroom. Lets do some running, meet new friends, and of course have some fun!! See attached schedule for information on dates and times. 



                  SMITH KNIGHTS TRACK 



Welcome to the 2020 SMITH KNIGHTS TRACK season! We are looking forward to another successful spring!


Track is a sport that has something for everyone with its 16 different events! All 7th and 8th grade boys/girls are welcome to join. Come and have some 'fun in the sun' with your friends as you get physically fit.


Smith Knights Track competes against the Rochester, West Bloomfield and Troy middle schools. We also have a 'City Meet' where our 'City Champions' are crowned. Our season concludes by participating in the most prestigious and largest middle school track meet in the nation - The Oakland County Track and Field Championship! This meet has 40 middle schools send their best male and female student/athletes to compete to be 'County Champions'. This event draws over 1000 student/athletes and nearly 4,000 spectators! This is quite the event! 


Please note that if you are doing another spring activity we are flexible and can create a 'personalized' schedule for those individuals so they may still participate on the Knights Track Team.

HEre is our introductory letter and calendar for the season:  SMITHKNIGHTSTRACK.pdf



Remember - "ALWAYS YOUR BEST" - This means wherever you are and whatever you are doing...Classroom, athletic courts/fields, friendships! 


** Please take a look at our Smith Schedule, Info packet, Order of Events, Oakland County Results on this site for additional information. Any questions please email us!

** Remember you need a physical on file as well as 'pay to participate' obligation met to participate. Here is link to 'pay to participate' information 







Sprints - Block position and starts
How to start from blocks...400m races and shorter
Starts Post up Drill..
Running Mechanics Drill
Hurdle technique...
Hurdles Drills...
 High Jump Take Off Drill..
High Jump
High Jump Step Drill
High Jump Landing Drill..
High Jump Warmup Drills...
High Jump Over Top Drills..
High Jump Back Over Drills..
Long Jump Plyometric Drills:
Long Jump In Air Drill/Technique..
Shot Put Drills
Holding the Shot Put..
 Running thru exchange zone
Shot medicine/heavy ball toss
Sprint Relay
Dear Parents...we are in need of 'workers' for our home experience necessary! Contact main office
*All student/athletes make the Knights Track team, there are no cuts.
*A student must have a physical on file as well as having met the districts 'pay to participate' obligation in order to participate.
*Student/athletes will be issued track shorts and top for competition and are responsible for returning them in good condition.
*Bus transportation will be 
provided one way to meets. The student/athletes will need to be picked up from the away location (no bus home...except W.B. and County meet).
*Please note that meets last between 2.5-3 hours.