7th Grade Boys Basketball

Smith Middle School basketball is a great way to get involved in our school community outside of the classroom. Let's play some basketball, meet new friends, and of course have some fun!! See below for more information. 
** What a season! Improvement in fundamentals of the game, knowledge of the sport, commitment to a team and competition! Couldn't ask for anything more! 
** 1/15/20**
The Boys defeated Larson yesterday on their way to their CITY CHAMPIONSHIP! 9-1
** PARENTS/UNCLES/AUNTS/OLDER SIBLINGS vs PLAYERS Game is scheduled for 1/16 around 4:00**
** NEW 1/9/20 **
The New Year has seen the Knights continue their improvements on the basketball floor. Because of the work, they were able to beat the Bobcats of Baker Tuesday 35-16.
** NEW 12.20.19**
The boys defended the 'K'ASTLE again defeating the Baker Bobcats. Your Knights enter the break 7-1!!!!
Donuts all around!!!! :)  Here's hoping we can get everyone healthy and have a full roster after the holidays!
**NEW 12.18.19**
The boys went on the road with the flu bug taking out 1/3 of the roster but the Knights battled and put up a 'W' at Reuther moving their record to 6-1.   Morning announcement...Knights_7th_BBall_v_Reuther19.mp4
** NEW 12.13.19**
The boys showed their muscle yesterday defending the 'K'ASTLE again beating Rochester West by double digits! Take a look at announcement...Knights_7th_BBall_v_west19.mp4
"The biggest compliment is to be copied" :) 
** NEW 12.12.19 **
The boys are improving day by day learning the game of basketball. They have improved their record to 4-1 since last post. We had a disappointing loss to Avondale on the road, but posted victories over Larson and Boulan!  Here is video of our 8th grade guitarist Mara performing our National Anthem before the Boulan game...SHE WAS AWESOME! https://bit.ly/2spxBLx
Boulan Announcement...Knights_7th_BBall_v_Boulan.mp4
** Picture day is Friday 12.6....bring your uniform**
**NEW 11.22.19**
The boys defended the 'K'astle again yesterday as they moved to 2-0 on the season with their victory over Rochester Reuther. Knights_7th_BBall_v_reuther2.mp4
****Parents, here is image of picture order form (pics Dec. 6) SmithSportPicForm.jpg
**NEW 11.19.19**
Your Knights defended the 'K'ASTLE last night beating the Rochester Hart Eagles 37-17 in the opening game of the season after 3 days of practice! Here is video announcement   SMS7thBBALLHart2019.mp4

2019-2020 7th Grade Boys BBall Calendar_1.pdf

Selection Letter 7th Grade BBall 2019_2020.pdf

**NEW 11.13.19** Due to the 'snow day' our parent meeting will be Friday at 5 after practice!

**NEW 11.8.19**  Congrats to those who made this years 7th grade basketball team. Reminder parent meeting MONDAY, 11.11.19 after practice at 5! Hope to see everyone in the 'K'astle!

**NEW 11.7.19**   We have 50 - 7th grade student/athletes trying out for our boys basketball team this season! Our last tryout date will be Friday, Nov. 8 from 3-5pm. The team will be selected on Friday. 
See links below for places to play basketball outside of school.
"Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is."
**NEW 1.22.19**
Congratulations Knights on a tremendous season, CHAMPIONS!
More importantly, we all got better fundamentally, advanced our knowledge about the sport and learned a little more about being competitive and part of a team! 
** Here is link to over 300 bball pics  https://photos.shutterfly.com/story/id/30113182241 from the 2016-2017 season (thanks Mr. Babbi)!
MHSAA Parent resources... https://www.mhsaa.com/schools/parents
Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan  http://www.bcam.org/
Basketball player tips and development resource... https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/players/players.html
Coaches clipboard... http://www.coachesclipboard.net/
Troy Schools Basketball sites
Boulan Park MS Basketball 
Larson MS  
Baker MS Basketball
Basketball opportunities outside of school...


(best recollection)

** 2019-2020 ** 10 'W's
** 2018-2019 ** 10-2
2017-2018 9-4
** 2016-2017 ** 9-2
** 2015-2016 ** 11-0
2014-2015 7-4
2013-2014 2-9
** 2012-2013 ** 11-0
2011-2012 4-7
** 2010-2011 ** 9-2
** 2002-2003 ** 9-2

School       # Students

Hart             1,139

VHoosen       897

Boulan           871

West              856

Larson           802

Avondale       793

Baker            727

Reuther        714

Smith            676

*2018-2019 MI School Data