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Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Why do we Relay?

For those of you who are not familiar with the Relay, it is a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It is a 24 hour event filled with fun activities as well as heart touching moments to remember those who have lost their battle to cancer.

There are thousands of Relays held across the country, and this will be the seventh year for Troy. It has grown so much in the last few years, it had to be moved to the Community Center. Smith will once again have a team, "Smith Knights", and we will have many Relay and team members helping us out. Many Troy Schools already have a team as well. Jennifer Trice and Kris Casko are the team captains and Iman William is the student captain. Last year we raised over $15,000 and had over 100 staff, students, and parents participate.  In ten years, we have raised over $100,000.

As human beings, we possess many fine qualities; however, it is finding ways in which to use those qualities that sets us apart. We believe knowledge is progressive and everything in life works according to the law of gradual growth.

So often in life we don't end up with what we want, or think we deserve, but we forget that when we had an opportunity to provide those things for other people, we didn't see it as being important.

When we reach out to others to make their lives better and help them see a little more happiness, we are fulfilling a major part of our own purpose in life. We are “DEFENDING OUR OWN”

We encourage everyone here to live their life in such a way that you leave something wonderful behind when your time here is up. Be a person of purpose.

Thank you for “DEFENDING OUR OWN”
  • Defending Our Own website is here!
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  • Click here for the RFL website


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