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8th Grade Boys Basketball

Welcome to 8th Grade Boys Basketball!
Smith Middle School basketball is a great way to get involved in our school community outside of the classroom. Lets play some basketball, meet new friends, and of course have some fun!! See attached schedule for information on dates and times. 
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Basketball Information for the 2021-2022 school year
Below, please find the tentative 2021-2022 Basketball calendar.
Please make sure you have a ride and you are not going back to your locker after practice.  Please exit the building by the back parking lot.  Also, please understand, I will be checking your grades the first term.  This WILL carry some weight in my decision on whether or not you make the team.  I do not want an ineligible player to take the spot meant for someone else. 
Coach: Patrick Koneval
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Hart Game Video 1 Avondale Video 1
Hart Game Video 2  
Hart Game Video 3  
Reuther Game Video 1  
Reuther Game Video 2  
Reuther Game Video 3